Vaginal Pain When Pregnant, Is Normal

During pregnancy, you may often complain of pain in the vagina. These complaints are generally felt when entering the age of the second and third trimester of pregnancy. There are many changes experienced during pregnancy, causing a variety of complaints, including vaginal pain. Although not comfortable, pregnant women do not need to worry because actually this is still fairly normal. Various Causes of Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy Vaginal pain can be caused by various things. The following are: A developing fetus Since entering the first trimester of pregnancy until the third trimester, the pain around the vagina and pelvis you can feel. The pain that appears during this period is caused by the developing fetus and uterus, which fills the abdominal cavity and causes pressure on the vagina. If this is caused by this, there is nothing to worry about because this is a common thing that will be experienced by pregnant women. Vaginal infections Pregnancy can make women more sus
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